28 November 2013

CHIC PETITE EVENT: Creatives Uncovered

Last night (27/11/13) was the long awaited Creatives Uncovered networking event, giving creative Sydney siders the chance to gain exposure, contacts, advice and inspiration from those who have the same passion or those who are looking for new creative talents. This event saw mingling opportunities for people from a variety of creative fields including:

- Fashion design
- Music
- Art & Photography
- Styling
- Blogging
- Hair & Make-up Artistry

~ ~ ~

The atmosphere of the room was buzzing with people chatting away, complimentary drink in one hand, business cards in the other. There were stalls set up around the room with displays, showing off what each professional had to offer. Here's just some of the talent that Creatives Uncovered had to offer...

Find more information on Holmes Institute and their exciting Fashion & Business course on their website! Or search and follow FASHIONMASTERS on Facebook!

All these eco-friendly & ethical hand-made goodies can be found here from The Little Blue Shed!

Find these beautiful hand crafted jewellery's and more by Adelina Designs right here!

A perfect opportunity for all those who want to kickstart their career in the magazine industry! Get with the times and visit issue. for more info!

 IKON Models Sydney giving creatives the opportunity to win some goodies at their stall!

Make-up demonstrations for the entire night by passionate hair & make-up artist Coventry Anneliese! Come and pay a visit to Lushus Locks, Coventry's own small business!

~ ~ ~

Overall, Sydney siders gained valuable contacts, while having an absolute blast with plenty of clever people to mingle with and a live performer who entertained guests. All-in-all, Creatives Uncovered was another booming Chic Petite event; thank you to all who came and made this event happen with such success!

- AlissAMR

16 November 2013

Influential Women in show business

Show business applies to all aspects of the entertainment industry from the business side (including managers, agents, producers and distributors) to the creative element (including artists, performers, writers, musicians and technicians). (x)
I've wanted to make a blog post on this topic for a while now because I feel like there is an increase in emerging female power in society today. I also understand that there are many, many opinions on this topic although, as a strong believer in feminism, I am 100% for females standing up for fundamental human rights and showing a strong sense of leadership, strength and confidence. Here are a few women who I think are influential...


She's more than just a rapper with a different taste in fashion. Arulpragasam has used her fame to address issues that kids should be aware of today by entwining witty messages into her lyrics, for example "Connected to the Google / Connected to the Government" or "Do you know the cost of AK's up in Africa? 20 dollars ain't shit to you but that's how much they are" but for me, her music video for Bad Girls is the pinnacle of female power, where it embraces the female gender in a culture that is, for the most part, male dominated and I think that concept is just flawless. #badbitchthatcomefromsrilanka

Apart from having the hottest body on Earth and absolutely owning it, Azalea, I think, is becoming one of Australia's most iconic female artists and it shows in her lyrics and music videos where she incorporates aspects of the Australian culture. In the Change Your Life music video, she wears a plain white suit and I think it oozes power... I don't know what it is but it's just the right amount of provocative and professionalism.

Whether you watch one of Neshat's films or observe her artwork, her works is "a testimony to the unspoken female power and the continuing protest in Islamic culture." She does this in the most shocking way with the use of weapons and some hints of violence, but what she does is so thoughtful and I suggest you check her work out

BLAIR WALDORF (played by Leighton Meester)
While catching up on Gossip Girl, I made myself aware of the unique characteristics of Blair Waldorf. She shows inspiring work ethic, as well as her ability to shut out the poisonous boy in her life and focus on achieving happiness. The period where she interns at W Magazine, Blair has a tremendous 'can-do' attitude and is really refreshing to see intertwined in all the drama. 

First of all, if you haven't watched/listened to/appreciated Lily Allen's newest song - listen to it NOW!
Hard Out Here is Allen's satirical response to recent music videos that over-sexualise women such as Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. This music video and song is genius as Allen slips in some tongue-in-cheek lyrics "forget your balls and grow a pair of tits" therefore fighting the wrongly depicted female gender in society. 

- AlissAMR

1 November 2013

October Favourites

Hey everyone! 
Welcome to my first ever favourites of the month blog post! I'm always super interested in reading and seeing what other people have been loving in the month, so I decided to do my own little October Favourites post :)

 If you knew me, you would know that I am probably the biggest Arctic Monkeys fan. I even sort of kinda skipped a day of school to buy this album... BUT I've been playing this record non-stop this whole month and I can't seem to find any flaws. The guys have really done it this time.

 So I don't actually know where I bought this from because I sort of just found it in my pantry, although I did some research and you can buy this online for pretty cheap! 
For the most part, you would find me drinking Green Tea, but I decided to try this because let's be honest, how artsy does the packaging look? One of the best decisions of my life; the taste is so creamy and nice! You guys have to try it!

This has been my favourite perfume for a long time now and it just really needs a mention in this post. Any description of its smell won't do it justice, but it has a perfect balance between sweetness and a more mature musky scent AND it lasts for ages.

The pink lipstick on the left was gifted to me by a friend and I only started to use it recently when I was on the hunt for the perfect pink lip colour. The colour of this lipstick has just the right amount of pink for my skin tone and is subtle enough to wear out. "Corporate Femme" was purchased a while back, but I only just gained the confidence to wear bold lipsticks. I really enjoy wearing this colour because I think it's such a formal red colour and the quality of it is amazing when paired with a good lip liner.

When my Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara ran out, I needed a new stick of mascara so I quickly picked up this yellow tube of happiness, not expecting much because of its $6 price tag. To my surprise, it has been a delight using this mascara; it doesn't clump up your lashes, doesn't smudge under your eyes after a long day and washes out easy! I would definitely pick this up again!

I've had this combination of nail varnishes on my nails for the majority of this month, where the OPI varnish goes on top of the Sally Hansen nail varnish. "I Juggle... Men" has a subtle iridescent look, which is why I bought it, and dries extremely fast. I used to wear "Radiant Rose" literally every day to school, but unfortunately, it's a discontinued colour :(

Midi rings are a must in every girls' jewellery collection! They somehow instantly make your hands look a hundred times nicer. If you don't have any... go out and buy some or make some, they're super easy! These two necklaces have been worn by me at least twice a week throughout October. I love this modern and simplistic take on the Hamsa hand and I love the sophisticated feel that the statement necklace gives off.

- AlissAMR